The Abby Whiteside Foundation
The 2023 Sophia Rosoff Concert Series at Carnegie Hall

March 29: Passing it On - tickets & info >

This concert features three pianists, Vered Reznik, David Iskowitz, and Dennis Malone, who all had long mentorships with Sophia Rosoff. They are joined by their current and past students Arnav Landge, Claire Tsai, Leo White, and Will Healy.

April 26: Jazz Piano Pairings 1 - tickets & info >

Starting with solos, Jacob Sacks, Angelica Sanchez, Santiago Leibson, and Marta Sanchez

May 31: Jazz Piano Pairings 2 - tickets & info >

Starting with solos, Jacob Sacks, Jason Yeager, Glenn Zaleski, and Danny Fox then improvise and create together in a series of rotating one piano-four hands duets.

June 14: John Kamitsuka, Piano - tickets & info >

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